Friends of the North

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Our philosophy is to help northern communities help themselves. With our many years of business acumen we aim to share knowledge and support to existing community based poverty- reduction programs. We never impose what we think is best for any community that we work with, we always allow them to take the lead on what is needed and how to implement programs.

If a program is non-existent or not sustainable in a community, we work with trusted community members to get new programs up and running.

We are strongly aware of the fragile nature of economies in northern isolated communities. We strive to tread lightly when working in these communities to ensure that we don’t tip the balance and harm the local economy. We do this by making purchases for the food bank from local hunters and fishers or by making purchases through local stores when possible.

We work very hard to ensure that residents of the communities participate in the work that we do. A great example of this is the annual calendar that we produce; the images come from the residents of the communities that are benefiting from the sale of this calendar. We also engage local students to participate in art contests so we can then use the images they create on other items that we can sell and the profits will again be directed back to the community.

Every aspect of our work has great forethought to ensure that the community we are working to support is going to benefit from all of our good deeds.

The Arctic is a harsh, captivating and fragile place full of cultural beauty and pride. We all must work hard to protect it.